Photoelectric angle encoder A90H is a high end incremental

encoder that produces up to 1.800.000 output pulses per

revolution. It has hollow shaft, integrated stator coupling

and the accuracy of up to ±5 arc. sec. and is available in

two different mounting types – coupling via shaft collar or

via central screw.




Number of output pulses per revolution: 18000-1800000 ppr

Line number on disc (z): 18000

Reference signal: - standard: 1 per shaft revolution

- distance coded: 36 per shaft revolution

Permissible mech. speed: ? 3000 rpm

Max. operating speed: 600 to 1000 rpm

Accuracy grades:± 5.0 arc. sec

Permissible shaft runout: - axial: 0.02 mm

- radial: ± 0.02 mm

Starting torque at 20°C: ? 0.08 Nm

Rotor moment of inertia: < 0.6x10-4 kgm2

Protection (IEC 529): IP64

Maximum weight without cable: 1.2 kg

Operating temperature: 0...+70°C

Storage temperature: -30...+80°C

Maximum humidity (non-condensing): 98%

Permissible vibration (55 to 2000 Hz): ? 100 m/s2

Permissible shock (11 ms): ? 300m/s2